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Hummus 13.00€

Salmon tartare with avocado and pear  16.00€

Cod carpaccio with grated tomato and red onion 15.00€ 

Nachos with guacamole 15.00€

Portion of acorn-fed Iberian ham  24.00€

Assorted cheese board 19.00€

Galician style braised octopus  20.00€

Wrinkled potatoes with "mojo picon" 12.00€

Somoked sardine loins with grated tomato 16.00€



Escalivada and smoked cod  9.10€

"Sobrasada" with goat cheese 8.50€

Smoked salmon with gherkin and cream cheese 9.20€

Brie cheese with tomato jam 8.10€

Brie cheese with acorn-fed Iberian ham  9.50€

Manchego cheese with quince 8.30€

"Matrimonio" with guacamole 9.40€

Acorn-fed Iberian ham with grated tomato  9.40€

Pork sirloin with caramelizad onion and old style mustard 9.70€



Mixed salad 13.00€

Burrata with pesto sauce and tomato 15.00€

Goat cheese salad with tomato jam 15.00€

Roasted pepper salad with tuna belly 16.00€

Caesar salad 14.00€

Roasted pepper, smoked salmon, beet, corn ans mango 17.00€

Vermichelli with prawns and sweet chilli sauce 16.00€

Seasonal tomato with tuna belly and red onion 16.00€



100% "cebón" burguer  14.00€

Mexican "cochinita pibil" tacos 13.50€

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